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    Default In order to move on

    My child only wants to do this program for 8th only. She wants to attend high school. What items from your program do I need to show her public school that she completed the 8th grade curriculum?

    Thanks for the help.

    Sandra West

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    That is a difficult question to answer. Part of the answer will depend on what state you are in and what they require for you to be legally homeschooling. Do they require a transcript, or for your child to pass an achievement test? Do you have to turn in a portfolio? Once you figure out what they require to give her credit for 8th grade and permission to move on to 9th grade you will have a better idea of what she will need to present.

    Look into what the scope and sequence is for your state for 8th grade. Compare the scope and sequence from the Time4Learning courses (math, language arts, middle school science, and the 7th grade social studies). Definitly keep good records and samples of chapter tests, writing assignments, and any extracurricular work. I know this is not a definitive answer,but I hope it helps!
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    You need to contact the school she will be attending and ask what they want. Get it in writing.
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