Outlines for 6th grade social studies?
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    Question Outlines for 6th grade social studies?


    We recently began with T4L, having homeschooled in the past. One area my twins are struggling with is the 6th grade social studies. It's all reading and seems very dry.

    We are practicing taking good notes, and I will supplement, but I was wondering if there are note-taking outlines anywhere to help them or if I would need to make them myself. I think they need a little more structure to really understand what they are reading.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Outlines for 6th grade social studies?

    Hi, Angie. There aren't any outlines that are part of the program. I know various parents have some up with their own ideas. I can tell you what I have done.

    It's important to have a strong grasp of math and language (especially reading). Many science topics are really important, too. SOME science and MUCH social studies is just memorizing facts long enough to "pass" a test, and that isn't how I want my kids to spend their time. So, I let them take the tests using notes they have made, because note taking is an important skill. This turns the test into additional exposure to the topic being studied, making them more likely to remember some of it. Otherwise, I have found most of it to be forgotten within a week of taking the test. I know I couldn't answer most of those questions. Instead, I'm vaguely familiar with the topic (which IS important), and I have learned how to look up the specifics if I need to.

    Also, I don't pay attention to the grade level for social studies. Instead, I see if they are topics the kids have studied before. I look at the content instead of the level. For that reason, I have started even my older kids in "third grade" social studies. There is less reading and it's more fun, starting out with a great chapter about Vikings (something you don't see in many social studies programs, since social studies seems to be really heavy on American history in most curriculum).

    After looking over the third grade social studies, I figure if I was learning things, my kids would be, too!

    Social studies is a very, very broad subject. It encompasses history, geography, government, and even "community helpers" for the little ones (police officers, firefighters . . . ). No one ever graduates from high school having studies every possible social studies topic, and there are no national social studies standards. Every school and every curriculum will be different. I will share that all of my kids have done really well on the social studies portion of their standardized tests, and all we have done is ONE or two Time4Learning social studies lessons per day and then read lots of fun historical fiction together (including looking up locations on maps and globes).

    I did split seventh grade Time4Learning social studies over two years for all my kids (7th and 8th for some of them . . . 8th and 9th for others). It's a good overview of American history, and I think that's important if you're an American. Then Time4Learning has American History I and American History II at the high school level, to expand on what they learned in middle school.

    Sometimes knowing what someone else has done helps you come up with ideas that might work for your own family. Hopefully others will come along with their ideas, too.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: Outlines for 6th grade social studies?

    Thank you! I will go check the other levels and see if they are a better fit. I think having more videos and interactive elements would go a long way to keeping my kids' interest.

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