Planning for fourth grader
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    Default Planning for fourth grader

    My fourth grader is starting homeschool for a one semester sabbatical, to recover from a frankly emotionally abusive teacher. She is an extremely enthusiastic student and is already flying through the material. I'm planning to schedule her TFL by hours, rather than lessons, and figured a minimum of one hour a day, with a maximum of two, supplemented with one novel and associated activities per week, an independent study on Asia (her choice), a science experiment per week, a cooking project per week, and an arts and craft project per week, along with some health and physical activities every day ought to fill the 4 to 5 hours she needs to spend on school activities.

    Does this seem like too much?

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    That sounds like a nicely rounded program to me. It's good that you understand she doesn't need to be sitting in front of the computer doing lessons for hours and hours each day. You might be interested in this article: How Long Is a Homeschool Day?

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