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    My daughter has been redoing the practices and quizzes until she memorizes the correct answers and achieves a 100%. Where can I print out quizzes that she is unable to do this to? When I go into the lesson plan under the parent admin it doesn't allow me to print their quizzes, only the answer keys.

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    Hi, Shelley! Most quizzes and tests are different each time they are attempted. A few random questions are drawn from a bank of many questions. (This is to prevent "teaching to the test".) Because of this, the completed quizzes and tests can be printed for your records, but they can't be printed before they have been done.

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    Default Printing Quizzes Help

    Actually, you CAN print quizzes AFTER they have been taken. If you log into the parent side, and look through the "Student Reports" this will allow you to click on the score to each quiz, and pull up the completed test, to view which ones your child missed.

    We also print quizzes and redo incorrect answers on paper. The system will NOT score these, you will have to keep your own log.

    You CAN retake the quiz on the system AFTER redoing on paper, but they will NOT always be the same questions

    Hope this helps.

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