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    Is there a way to see how much further your child has to go before completing the coursework for their grade? Been poking around and can't seem to find it.

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    Hi! Log in to your parent account and click on Go To Lesson Plans. Click on the subject and grade level you want and compare your student's report with the lesson plans. (You should be printing a weekly report. If not, print a report before you look at the lesson plans.)

    It's easiest to use the lesson activity numbers for this comparison. For example: Have a recent fifth grade math report on hand. Log in to your parent account and access the lesson plans. Click on the number of activities in fifth grade math, which will lead you to a list of all the activities in fifth grade math. Look for the activity number of the last math assignment your student completed on their report. Now look for that number in the list of lesson activities in the lesson plans. On most computers, you can use the Find function: Hold down the Ctrl key and type the letter f. A box should pop up at the top of your screen. Type the lesson activity number in there and hit Enter. That lesson activity number will be found and highlighted for you in the lesson plans. If it isn't found, click the up arrow in the Find box and hit Enter. Then click the down arrow in the Find box and hit Enter. This will assure that you are searching the entire page.

    If your student has been doing the lessons in their recommended sequence, all of the lessons before the highlighted lesson in the lesson plans will have been completed. He will have all the lessons after the highlighted lesson in the lesson plans left to do.

    This sounds WAY more complicated than it is. It takes about thirty seconds.

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