Q re Middle School Science Curriculum for 6th Grader
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    Default Q re Middle School Science Curriculum for 6th Grader

    Hello -- we are new homeschoolers who just started in January, mid-way through my son's 6th grade year.

    I built a curriculum for him covering Math, Social Studies, Language Arts and Science. My question involves the science options.

    In the curriculum, I chose all 4 options: Physical Science, Earth/Space Science, Life Science and Nature of Science. We seem to be drowning in science and it is taking up about 60% of our day.

    I initially did not get how this worked, but now I gather I was supposed to choose only ONE of these options, and save the others for 7th grade, 8th grade, etc.? Can someone confirm please?

    If that is the case, is there a particular order that these options should be worked in?

    Thank you!

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    We are in the same boat (starting a 6th grader in Jan and chose all the science. I am confused in general on how to create a curriculum?

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    I think it's meant to be one course at a time where you get to choose the order. That way you and your child won't feel so swamped.

    My son is signed up for the high school classes, but the way middle school science is set up seems similar. We are given a list of all the courses available at that level, and we can choose whichever ones we want. For example, the science courses available at the high school level are Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, Physical Science, and Physics. Joshua chose to start with Chemistry. Once he completed that course, he chose to move on to Physics. I don't know what possessed him to start with the two most difficult courses, but I let him run with it.

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