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    My 9 year old grandaughter likes having a schedul printed out so she can cross off items as she completes them--that is more satisfying to her than clicking box on the Activity Scheduler. She is on track to finish the 4th grade by Christmas and I would like to get ahead of the game (my health is not great, so what energy I have on bad days, I want to use guiding her in her lessons), but unless I change her grade in the profile the Activity Scheduler will not let me schedule 5th grade subjects. Those of you who have been around a while--should I change her grade to 5th grade. I know she would still have access to 4th grade material until she finishes. I am her primary teacher. We have tried having her mom teach when I have to be out of town--does not work. My granddaughter tells me not to make her do school with her mom. So her mom gets to do the fun things--experiments, charting on a graph, coloring, etc. Her mom does the art and music. Works for us.

    I learn so much from all of you about what might work and what has not work.

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    I think if it were me, and I needed to be able to plan ahead, I would probably go ahead and change her grade to 5th. She would still have access to the 4th grade work, and you would have access to the 5th grade for scheduling purposes. I don't personally use the activity scheduler, but if I did that is what I would do in this instance. Perhaps someone who does use the scheduler might chime in and let you know how they would work it! Best of luck!
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