Record keeping for Supplemental Courses
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    Default Record keeping for Supplemental Courses

    We have been using Time4Learning for a month now, and we are very pleased with the program. We are supplementing with a Spanish program in order to learn Spanish. This particular program does not keep records on our progress. How can I show that we are teaching/learning this subject daily when/if we have to produce records? Thanks for any help! Gwen

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    Hi Gwen, you can check on the internet for record keeping software for homeschoolers. However, I would like to mention one way to keep records for your supplemental courses that I use. I get a teacher's lesson planner book, you can get them at school supply stores, sometimes at places like Wal-Mart, or even Dollar General (these are usually only a dollar and a great buy!). Instead of "planning" lessons in there I use it as a record keeping book. Each day I record the supplemental lessons we do in addition to T4L lessons. This allows me to keep up with the other "stuff" we do like field trips, or the supplemental learning I might ask my daughter to do before field trips. (an example of this is I ask my daughter to do a little bit of research on DaVinci because we went to an exhibit of his stuff on Friday, I figure she should get some credit for the research as well as the field trip!) Sometimes I include the lessons my daughter does for the day in T4L but usually I let T4L record keeping work for that and just record our extra stuff. I hope this helps a bit. Maybe someone else would like to jump in and tell how they keep records outside of T4L!
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