Redoing Lessons?
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    Default Redoing Lessons?

    I have just started doing this with my 4th, almost 5th grade son, and feel like he is struggling with the language arts section and would like to make it so that he goes back and re-does the stuff he has already done. Is there a way to make it so only certain lessons appear on his page? It seems like a lot of stuff shows up at once in his student center.

    He is in public school but I feel that he is not where he should be for 4th grade and am trying to get him caught up through the rest of the year and this summer.

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    The student always has access to all the material. Why don't you go into your parent account and print the language arts lesson plans. Then, circle the lesson activities you want him to do. When he is ready to work on one of them, he can type the lesson activity number into the Activity Finder (lower, right of his dashboard) and access it that way. You can find a video about using the Activity Finder within your parent login.

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