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    Default Scheduling Quizzes

    I haven't found an answer elsewhere on the forum, but I'm wondering how people are scheduling the quizzes (especially with content heavy subjects like social science.) Is anyone leaving it for the next day, so that it's a more accurate assessment of mastery and retention? Also, is anyone having their kiddo do additional study techniques (like note cards) for content heavy subjects so as to retain the information?
    I'm hsing mygrandsons, grades 4 & 5.


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    This is a good question and I look forward to someone answering.

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    Hi from Puerto Rico.
    I am new in T4L and this is my first year homeschooling my girls.
    Yes, I make my 6th grader read the content by herself and take notes (every class has a notebook). I make her read those notes back to me and I give her the quiz the next day.
    Sometimes she ask to do the quiz the same day,which I don't mind if she is ready.
    I do have some additional material for LA EXT. I only use it, if she informs me that she did not get it, even after she has review the material several times.
    Hope it helps

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    I've done it both ways with my kids. For my younger ones, who will study the same material in more detail for many years, I let them do the quiz right away. It's more about exposing them to the concepts than testing retention at that stage. The tests are longer at the higher grade levels, so I will often schedule JUST a test for some subjects.

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    For lesson quizzes, they were done same day. The longer/larger exams were always done on a separate day. Kids loved exam day because it's all they had to do in that subject.

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