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    Im new to Time4. I have 2 8th graders and we are doing the 7th grade Social Studies on here. I'm having trouble with how many to do a week. I am trying to follow the detailed plan but a lesson and some of the worksheet load is extremely heavy. One lesson required a 5 paragraph in 1 day. Is this the work load pace that is normal?? Any help or tips is appreciated.

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    With 173 activities, your student can do less than one per day and finish the seventh grade social studies curriculum during a traditional 180-day school year. Some of those activities include optional printable worksheets.

    I have felt the online lesson activities provide a more-than-adequate overview of American history, so we don't typically use the worksheets at all. I look them over and we discuss anything I feel might need reinforcement. Traditionally, students have been given essays to write because it's impractical for a classroom teacher to hold a discussion with each student individually. As a homeschool mom, I can readily talk with my student.

    I prefer to leave most of the writing assignments for English class and discuss things on the worksheets with my kids instead. One advantage of this is that students only have to concentrate on expressing what they think or understand when they are talking to you about it. They do not also have to also take care with writing it down properly, so it's actually a more effective way of learning or demonstrating what they know that a writing assignment.

    If my child scores poorly on a test, I might look over the worksheets and assign one of them as extra study before they re-take the test. I avoid "busy work" worksheets, like Venn Diagrams (except maybe one or two so my student is familiar with them in case they need to do one in college or something). Worksheets like "What Do I Know/What Do I Thing/What Do I Want to Know?" are popular right now but are much easier to do via a discussion.

    I hope this helps you see that you have options to make the social studies curriculum fit your needs. Don't work for the curriculum. Make it work for you.

    P.S. A great bonus is that I learn a lot from these discussions. Don't be afraid to learn along with your child, or to admit you are doing so. And, don't be too upset over less-than-stellar scores on social studies assignments. Take the tests yourself, marvel at how much you have forgotten since you were in school, and consider how well you have gotten along without it or how often you have need to know it. I think it's important for my kids to know how our government works, but I don't stress about specific dates and locations of small historical events.

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