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    Default spelling and grammar

    I just signed up for T4L. Where do I find grammer and spelling in the LA?

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    Default Re: spelling and grammer

    Hi! Welcome to Time4Learning! I'm glad you found the forum so quickly!

    Here's some information about where to find grammar lessons and spelling lessons.

    You can also log in to your parent dashboard, click on Resources, and choose Lesson Plans/Scope and Sequence. Access the subject and grade level you are looking for and then search for the terms you are interested in, such as "spelling", "commas", etc. To search on most computers, you can type CTRL+F and a little "find" box will come up where you can type your search term. Then hit Enter and the first instance of that term on the page will be highlighted. Each time you hit Enter, the next instance of that term will be highlighted.

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