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    Default State assesment test

    Is there an answer key or anything with the State Assessment Test? I am wondering how it will be, my children have never taken it before (This is our first year with T4L) ....
    Will there b anything letting know what they will need to work on?

    Thank You!

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    To my knowledge there is no answer key. The state assessment assignments are not very long, and reflect what your child would have done in T4L to that point. The assessments are really to give your child practice with that kind of test. If your child scores well on it (it is graded by the program) then you are on track If you child does not do well, you might consider trying to print the assessments and then looking at what questions were missed. You could then check the curriculum for assignments that would relate to the missed questions. The state assessments are not really like the standardized tests that are done in some states. Since each state has a different assessment T4L could not make an assessment that would be just like each state. I hope this explanation helps. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask. Best of luck!
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