Teacher says get a bookcover or else "it will affect your grade"!
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    Default Teacher says get a bookcover or else "it will affect your grade"!

    Does this sound right? Two weeks into the school year, on this past Wednesday, the reading teacher at my son's middle school gave a so-called "homework assignment" of covering two textbooks. She told the kids that if they didn't have them covered by Friday (today) that "it will affect your grade".

    First of all, bookcovers were not on the School Supplies list on the school's website.... which we bought everything needed over a month ago. Second, it sounded like she told the kids that paper covers were not good enough, because my son as well as kids from other parents went home yesterday insisting that we needed to buy the "stretchy" covers for this morning. So, several of us parents drove all around late yesterday looking for bookcovers--- all the stores were sold out or already had Halloween stuff on their shelves.

    I emailed the teacher and she emailed back saying that in fact all "homework" accounts for 10% of the students total grade (fine so far), but that they attach 2 grade points to things like getting their 2 textbooks covered. Mind you, these are textbooks that never leave school--they go from locker to class and back again.

    We also found out that other things, such as getting a paper signed by a parent, are also graded. If for whatever reason, a parent doesn't sign a paper (like a homework sheet) that has to go back to school, that too will affect the student's grade. Why threaten a kid about his grades with a task that his parents are responsible for? Why reward a kid with grade points for a non-curriculum task such as covering a book or asking Mom or Dad to sign their homework. How much dumbing down of their education is happening here?

    Does this sound normal? Many kids went through lots of stress over this--stress that 6th graders don't need while going through all these adjustments.

    I also think this sounds like an attempt by either individual teachers or the school district itself... an attempt to pad up the grade averages of their students. Adding two grade points here, two there and so on could artificially raise students averages--and therefore make the school or teachers look like they are performing better than they really are.

    Heck, there was that incident recently in Atlanta where dozens of "educators" landed in jail after it was discovered that they were purposefully doctoring UP the text scores on hundreds of students' text, just to give themselves higher cash bonuses. Remember, we found out that she was not going to reduce a grade on anything... just that she wouldn't ADD 2 points for the bookcovers being done on time.

    What do you all think about this? In the end, I'm calling a meeting with the teacher and principal next week... other parents might join in too. I want an end to this type of threat--which is exactly what the kids felt when the teacher pulled this type of underhanded leverage--explaining it away to we parents as "building responsibility" in our kids.... many of which have been in the top of their classes for years now. Don't their grades and good behavior alone show that they are responsible??

    Thoughts? Advice?

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    Hi. With Time4Learning, the parent is the teacher of record and decides their own grading system. (Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum and not an online school.) So sorry you are having these challenges with your public school.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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