Is there enough writing instruction in T4L?
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Thread: Is there enough writing instruction in T4L?

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    Default Is there enough writing instruction in T4L?

    My son really enjoys T4L but I'm concerned that there isn't enough writing instruction. Is that the case?We do not want to use Time4Writing yet because he is still learning to type. Eventually, he will need to book reports and essays. Thanks.

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    Hi, There is Odyssey Writer assignments within the Language Arts chapters. You will have to grade them but there is a rubric for helping you grade those. Let me relate our experience with writing to you. My daughter was a "reluctant writer", to say the very least. She hated writing, and didn't want to do it...ever! I opted not to push too hard and we just did the grammar and other language arts materials. We did lots of reading, and vocabulary/spelling words from Vocabulary and Spelling City. Suddenly, around 7th grade she emerged as a fully formed writer! All of the practice and learning she did, even though she didn't practice the actual art of writing, solidified and she used that information to really become a pretty good writer. So, you might consider that the grammar and other language arts information is prepping your son to write. I hope this helps you!
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    This helps me quite a bit. Thanks MamaToHerRoo!
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