worried about overwhelming my 4th grader
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    Default worried about overwhelming my 4th grader

    I used Monarch for the 2nd half of my son's 3rd grade year after pulling him out of public school. He wasn't overly fond of the program nor how slow it ran, so this year we decided to give T4L a try since he responds to an online curriculum better than the traditional textbooks. I'm trying to make our routine go as smoothly as possible in advance (we start in about a week) since I'm still pretty new to homeschooling and I'll also be using traditional textbooks to homeschool my kindergartner and preschooler this year. That being said I am worried I am going to be overwhelming my 4th grader with math and language arts and would like the opinions of other homeschooling parents.

    My son did not respond well to the common core math in public school (Monarch did not use CC) and would get frustrated with how many steps he had to take to solve simple problems. I did not realize that T4L used common core and now I'm trying to decide if it would be best to just let him do it and see how he does with it or have him do Khan Academy for math and the rest on T4L.

    As far as Language goes, this is where my biggest concern lies. He is an AVID reader and always has a book in his hands. However, he will do anything he can to get out of having to do any creative writing and really struggles with it. He will be taking 2 once a week classes through our homeschool co-op. One is a creative writing class(in hopes of getting him to enjoy creative writing) and the other is a reading comprehension class where they will be reading the classics and other novels and then writing reviews on them. I have him scheduled to do both the LA program and the LA Ext program. Is that too much to do in one semester? Should I just have him do the LA program and just not schedule the Ext program?

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    Hey, HSMomma2four!

    Time4Learning was around before common core and has changed nothing to align with common core. It has always exceeded those standards. We do use a variety of teaching methods, to reach all types of learners. Some of thiese methods may appear to resemble common core methods, while other will not.

    If he's taking a weekly creative writing class, and it's a good program, you might consider having him skip the writing assignments in T4L language arts and language arts extensions. You can also print the scope and sequence and circle the lesson activities you really feel he needs practice with. The language arts and language arts extensions lessons are only about fifteen minutes apiece, so I've never felt it was too much for my kids . . . but they love language arts. It can be different if the student doesn't enjoy the subject.

    You are the best judge of whether your child is carrying to much of a load. You can always add more or subtract some later. That flexibility is one of the great things about homeschooling.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    the extension lessons are really short, but they do add to the curriculum by going over types of language, drawing conclusions, making inferences, parts of a story, etc. they aren't really "full" lessons on each subject like they are in the main language arts section...just more grammar, punctuation, etc. that are done quickly. for example, this week my son did 4 lessons and it took him just 35 minutes total to complete them. i would suggest giving it a try...you can always take them off or do them in the summer

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