High Functioning Autistic child - thinking about homeschooling???
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    Lightbulb High Functioning Autistic child - thinking about homeschooling???

    My son is currently in 6th grade and is on the Autism Spectrum. He is very high-functioning but does have to be in a team taught class with academic modifications (shorter assignments, longer test taking time, etc.) He does not like going to school because it is such a long day for him academically and socially. I am a certified elementary / Special Ed. teacher but have taught only younger kids (grades pre-k through 1st). I'm worried that I will not be able to "teach" him the upper grade material. He is pretty much failing all his classes. I feel the work load is extremely overwhelming to him and to me. Basically I am "blindly" homeschooling him now with trying to figure out assignment requirements, etc. His teachers have been great but I realize he is ONE of their many students. Maybe I just answered my own question "is homeschooling a good choice for us" Advice / thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    We actually just started using T4L, but I felt compelled to reply to your post because my son is the same age and in a similar situation and we have homeschooled since he was in 1st grade. It's absolutely a good choice! Don't let fear hold you back at all. I felt pretty competent to teach my kids at home, but what I've discovered is that I mostly just have to be willing to learn with them. I am finding that middle school is presenting more challenges, thus our addition of T4L. I also homeschool a 4th grader, and while in the past I've been able to combine many of their subjects, it's become more difficult to do that with his work becoming more involved. I also wanted him to have more opportunity to work independently and not have to listen to me talk so much! He's very smart, but I know he would be completely overwhelmed and miserable in PS. If we have the opportunity to give our kids a better learning environment & experience, why not? BTW, if you're considering T4L, I've been pretty impressed with what I've seen so far. We're using it as more of a supplement, but I could see using it as the primary curriculum & supplementing it.

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