8th Grade Social Studies
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    Default 8th Grade Social Studies

    Hello. I'm new to homeschooling. I'm working on my four children's IHIP's for NY state. I'm a little confused on what curriculum to use for 8th grade social studies. T4L on goes up to 7th grade. What programs did you all use for your 8th graders? Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: 8th Grade Social Studies

    For one of my students, we split 7th grade over two years. For another, we used the high school history.

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    Default Re: 8th Grade Social Studies

    Since there is no "eighth grade social studies" and the seventh grade social studies is quite long, we split it over seventh and eighth grade. I felt my kids retained that information when less was presented at one time and I didn't want them memorizing information just long enough to "pass" the test and then forgetting it a week later.

    You do have the option of using a high school level social studies course instead, though. Because there is no eighth grade social studies, Time4Learning allows that without charging extra, even though high school level access is usually more expensive. And then there are plenty of other high school level social studies courses to keep your student busy during all of their high school years, too.

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