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    When generating my childs activity planner... should I check the box that inserts all Learning Activities, Worksheets, Quizzes and Tests? Or should I leave off some of it?

    I want a full curriculum to make sure she gets everything she needs from it, but when you add everything in (say like from English II) and plan it for 32 weeks... It has her doing 14 or so tasks per day per subject.

    Is that a bit too much? Or does it just look like a lot because of the way its broken down?


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    From the reference to English II, it sounds like you are referring to the high school curriculum. I have found too many writing activities, so I do not assign all of them. That is my personal preference, and not necessarily the way someone else would do it.

    That said, it isn't as much work as it might look like. A quiz is ten questions and might take ten minutes or less. That is "one activity". The authentic tasks, where the student browses a website, usually don't take my kids very long. They just give it a cursory glance.

    We don't use worksheets, except in math. Again, that's just what works for my kids, who tend to excel in writing and language and struggle with math.

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