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    We just started time4learning. I'm doing a set amount of activities per day - my daughter went to log into the playground and it told her she has to complete her activities. That's great! What I'm wondering though, is what counts as an activity? Do the quizzes count for that or is it just the lessons within each chapter/section? Right now, we're concentrating on quizzes so I can figure out where to get them started with lessons.


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    I haven't used the Playground in a long time, but it used to count how long the student worked. Parents could set the time in the parent dashboard and the system would count down when the student started working. After the selected time had passed, they could use the playground!

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    The playground timer doesn't pay attention to how many activities you have scheduled for your student. You go into your parent account and set how many minutes you want your student to have to work on school before they can access the playground . . . and then how long they can play in the playground before they have to get back to work!

    When the playground timer counts down so she can access the playground, we recommend that she complete the activity she is currently working on first. That won't cut in to her playground time at all, as the playground time doesn't start adding up until she actually accesses the playground. When her time is up in the playground, she will automatically be "kicked out" and she will need to get back to her lessons.

    The default setting for playground time is half an hour of lesson time followed by fifteen minutes in the playground. You can change that to anything you wish, including no limit on either. Log in to you parent account and click on Manage Students, then click on Timer Settings.

    (Unrelated: If you are using the Detailed Plan, don't forget to set your plan as your student's default, so an Activity Plan tab appears when they are logged in and they can check off each activity as they complete it.)

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