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    Hi, new to home schooling and just signed my high school son up today. So far so good. I was fooling around with the activity scheduler and I had a question. If I make a schedule for certain subjects/lessons etc on certain days does that mean that all the other lessons etc in that subject will not show up on that day? In other words, I set lesson 1 in Algebra up for Friday. My son finishes it and would like to move on to the next one. Will the next lesson show up even though I didn't put it in the schedule for Friday?


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    Hi! Welcome to Time4Learning and the parent forum!

    The schedule is a tool for the student to work from. It does not affect which lessons appear. He always has access to all the lessons, but he consults the schedule to find out which ones to do. Be sure to set the schedule as his default, so it will appear on his dashboard, and he can check it off online. Alternatively, you can print a schedule each week and he can check it off with a pencil.

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