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    Default ALL tabs? or select ?

    Newbie here... are the kids supposed to select all tabs or just what interests? I realize there are 4 tab versions to read a story and that would be select only one (read to me, or read alone) Let's say daughter not so curious about spiders, skip that reading comprehension lesson? I feel like we are going in order, tab by tab and won't get through the entire year at this snail's pace. ...but not complaining...I like the easily accessed info, kid friendly, & organized for parent evaluation.

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    Hi. In first and second grade, you can choose to manage the readers a couple of ways. The readers are presented as "Read to Me", "Help Me Read" and "Read By Myself" (or something like that) . They get progressively more difficult. In one version, the program reads aloud to the student. In the next, the more difficult words are clickable. In the final version, the student just reads the book himself.

    Some parents find their student does well with this approach, becoming more and more familiar with the book before finally reading it on their own.

    Others select the version most compatible with their student's reading ability and only assign that version. This method is especially good if the student is not yet reading or if they are reading quite well.

    If you use the second method and also use the activity scheduler, the schedule will be a bit off.

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