Can you set a limit on how many tries a student can have to take a quiz or test?
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    Default Can you set a limit on how many tries a student can have to take a quiz or test?

    I have noticed that my daughter skips the reading and takes the quizzes and just clicks and clicks until she gets the right answer so she can rush through her school work. Is there a way to limit tries so they have to really learn the material?

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    No, but you can look at her reports each day to see how much time she has spent on each lesson activity and make sure she knows you do that. I once realized my nephew had spent one minute on a social studies lesson. The lessons do only take fifteen minutes or so, so don't be alarmed unless you're seeing her spend less than five minutes on a lesson.

    She should also know that multiple attempts on a test or quiz reduce her grade, because she receives the average of all attempts. The "good" grade does not replace the "bad" grade. For example, if she takes a test three times and receives scores of 40 percent, 60 percent, and 90 percent, her grade would be 63.33 percent.

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