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Thread: Completely Confused!

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    I have survived my 4th day of homeschool with my 7th grader. But I am completely confused!!! I think that she isn't taking her time and trying her hardest on some of the quizes. There are several items that she has made below a 70. I know that if I have her retake them, the grades are just averaged together, which really doesn't help the issue. We talk about what she has missed and the correct answers. What can I do as far as getting the scores up, so that we can show that there is Mastery of the lesson?


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    Hi! I can tell you what I did with my own kids. I expected good scores in math and language, but science and social studies was another matter. I've never been interested in requiring them to memorize facts just long enough to "pass" a test. That seems like a waste of time to me. I realized I wouldn't be able to pass many of the science and social studies tests, and I"ve done just fine in life.

    I've let my kids take notes during their science and social studies lessons and they use those notes when they take the tests. Note taking is a valuable skill to learn. Also, since it forces them to think about the lessons to decide what they think is important enough to write down, they are actually more likely to remember what they are studying.

    I want my kids to be acquainted with most of the science and social studies topics. Science and social studies are so broad that no one could possibly study every topic . . . to say nothing of mastering them! I figure my kids can look up specific dates and such when they need the information.
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