Completely Confused!
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    Default Completely Confused!

    I have survived my 4th day of homeschooling my 7th grader. But I am completely confused! I don't think that she is taking her time on some of the graded activities. We go over what she has missed, but I would like for her to redo the assignments in order for the reports to illustrate Mastery. I know that if she retakes the quizes it simply averages the grades, which doesn't really help things. What can I do?


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    If you aren't accountable to a third party, I wouldn't worry too much about the grade average, as long as you and she both know she has learned the material. If the average is important to you, you can print a weekly report, cross off all but the best quiz or test score, and do your own averaging.

    Some parents have forgotten how to do this, so forgive me if you're one who remembers. Just add all the scores you want to include in her grade for that week (such as 80, 100, 100, 70, and 80) and then divide the total by the number of scores there are (in the example, that would be 430 divided by 5 scores, which would be an average of 86).

    If she gets eighty percent or more on a test, all of the assignments related to that test are automatically marked Mastered.

    Mastery is more challenging than "passing". Mastery requires the equivalent of a B in everything. Some students aren't capable of that.

    Her reports show how long she has spent on each assignment.

    For science and social studies, I let my kids take notes (a valuable skill to learn) and use the notes on their quizzes and tests. Science and social studies are such broad topics that no one could possibly master (or even have time to study) every possibility in just twelve school years. I want my kids to be "acquainted" with a variety of science and social studies topics, and to know where to find the specific dates, formulas, etc. when they need them. That might be because that's how I function myself! Most parents do not remember the facts we "learned" to pass our middle school science and social studies tests. In fact, I think I forgot mine the following day! I don't want my kids wasting time memorizing things just long enough to pass a test, so I treat the quizzes and tests as additional learning opportunities. When they take notes, they are more likely to remember the material, because they have to think about it carefully, to decide what is important to write down. When they take a test and refer to their notes, the concepts are reinforced even further.

    I do expect my kids to do well with math and language arts, as these require a level of understanding that goes beyond short term memorization of facts.

    Don't give up! Homeschooling is hard at first. You and your child will slowly shed the public school mindset and figure out what works for you.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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