Create access activity plan question.
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    Default Create access activity plan question.

    If you don't create a plan can you not view their grades? It says no assignments assigned. She has done a ton of work, but she cannot view her grade book. Do we have to set a schedule to have grades?

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    Hi. The Assignments function is only for classroom use. If you have created an activity plan and saved it as your student's default, the schedule will appear beneath a tab when your student logs in. He or she can refer to it and check each activity off when it's completed.

    The grade book is also only for classroom use. It sounds like you might not be familiar with your parent login account. Log in as a parent and select your student's name under Student Reports and Information. Then, click on Get Student Reports. You will be taken to the Recent Work tab, but you will want to click on the actual Reports tab to generated a customzed report. You can choose to include all work, just specific subjects, just test scores, only a specified date range, and so forth.

    All of your student's completted work will be under Reports.

    Hope this helps.

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