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    Hello, I am new to Time4Learning AND to homeschooling. I have taken my daughter out of 2nd grade public school and I am trying to create a lesson plan that does not repeat what she has already learned. I go to create custom plan and check off what I want her to learn. But, when she goes to log in and hits "start lesson" EVERYTHING shows up. Why doesn't the lessons that I WANT her to do show up. Surely she shouldn't have to search around?

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    Hi. The activity planner doesn't affect what shows up for your student. It's like giving her a textbook and telling her, "Read chapter ten and answer the questions on page 104." She always has access to the entire curriculum.

    If you set the plan you made as her default, she will see a tab marked Activity Plan when she logs in. When she clicks on that tab, she will see a list of what she needs to do that week. If you narrowed it down by the day of the week you want her to do it, she will see that, too. As she does each item, she can check it off . . . or, the system will automatically check completed items off for her once a day in the middle of the night.

    Here is more about using the activity planner, including how she locates each activity. How to Use the Activity Planner

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