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    Default Edit Activity Scheduler?

    I wanted to take a course out of the current curriculum without deleting the progress we have made so far. When I try to begin a new activity scheduler without that course it starts us over at the beginning of all the lessons. Is there a way to edit the current schedule without that course and not start all the lessons over?

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    The only thing I've managed to "edit" into the activity scheduler was "school vacations."

    I eventually used the activity scheduler just as a calendar. I set up one with all the things I wanted to cover in the school year, with the dates we're actually planning on doing school. Then I counted up the weeks of school. I set up another "activity scheduler" with all the activities we wanted in only one week, so it would count the number of activities total per subject.

    I then used a calculator to figure out how many activities per subject per week he needs to do to stay on track, and I typed that up in a word document. I printed that out and stuck it on the bulletin board behind the computer table. Actually using the activity scheduler was too much of a hassle, since it wouldn't automatically fill in when activities were completed.

    I did, however, find it useful for organizing myself and getting started.
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    I'm new to t4l, and trying to set up the activity scheduler and want to input "vacations". How did you do this?

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    Hi. Here are step-by-step instructions for the scheduler. Hope this helps!

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