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    Exclamation grade placement question

    When I signed up my girls, ages 10 and 11, I was not given an option to take a survey for placement. I have read on here that there is a survey to assess where the student should be placed. Am I wrong? Did I just forget? I am a full time nurse that works night and I am really trying hard to keep my girls on track, I don't want them to fall behind. We took a week off for Christmas and New Years, but we are at it again. I am just not sure that they are where they need to be.
    The whole reason I pulled my oldest out of public school was because she was falling behind and no one seemed to want to help her catch up.
    Is there another website I can go to to test her to see where she should be?? TIA!

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    Hi! When you sign up, there is a very brief questionnaire at the lower level, just to assess the student's reading ability. It's a popup, and you may not have seen it if you have a popup blocker installed.

    Some parents look at the scope and sequence and start their child a little below where they "think" they are working. Then, they have the student take each chapter test BEFORE doing the lessons in the chapter. If they do well on the test, they do not do the lessons in that chapter. They move on and try the chapter test at the end of the NEXT chapter. If they do not do well on the test, they do the lessons and try the test again. In this way, the student is only studying material they have not yet learned and can usually proceed more quickly.

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