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    Default Grading scale

    We've been using t4l for a week or two now and I was wondering if anyone knew what the grading scale was? My daughter has capd and adhd. Taking quizes and tests can be very hard as she has a hard time focusing on what's being asked of her. I have let her retake a quiz because she failed it, but when I read the questions out loud she understood them. I think that is reasonable and something an iep would also cover. However, the failing score was higher than what a failing score would be here in a public school. Granted, I think overall that is better because we don't need to lower the scores to help kids succeed, but raise the standard of education. Don't get me started. 😏 anyway, just wondering what the grading scale is here? Thx.

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    Hi, Vicky. Mastery is different than passing. Mastery requires the equivalent of a B in everything, which is unattainable by some students in some subjects. Mastery should be considered a bonus! NO ONE masters everything.

    You can consider "passing" anything you like, although 70% is typical. That's usually the equivalent of a C.

    It's absolutely fine to read the questions aloud to her. There is no reason for her to be handicapped in her other subjects because of a reading challenge. Does she read well? If so, she might just be an aural (ears) learner.

    Some members have had good results with a free program called Natural Reader that reads anything that can be highlighted aloud to your student. T4L isn't associated with Natural Reader, but often recommends it based on other members' reported success.
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