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    Hi, I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I logged into Time 4 Learning was prompted to pay, and then was admitted as a member, asked for my child name ( which I gave), and now I can get no further. It will let me log in to parents account, but not my childs. Anyone got any suggestions on how to get my child logged in so she can get started? Thanks Debra

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    Hi Debra,

    Did it prompt you to give your child a password? Is the password being typed in correctly?

    In your parent's dashboard/homepage, there is a My Students tab at the top. If you click that, you have access to view and/or change your child's password. If you haven't selected your child's grade and subject yet, you can also access this under the My Students tab. Hope this helps.

    Leigh Ann
    Another newbie feeling my way through T4L.

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