Help! How do I decide what to set Student Timer Settings to?
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    Default Help! How do I decide what to set Student Timer Settings to?

    Hello! I have an 8TH grader and a 10TH grader and I am really confused on what to set the Student Timer Settings do? Can anybody help explain this a little better to me? Also, I have seen somewhere that if I want to skip work for my student I should set the Student Timer Settings to 0 minutes for the day. In what instance would I want to skip work? Would it be if for example we were going on a field trip that day? Or would it be if the student knows the lesson already and needs to skip it? Or both? Thank you in advance, I am just getting started with home schooling and I as you just don't want to mess anything up for my kids.

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    Set the timer for the amount of time you want your child to work before getting a little break. There really isn't any amount of time that will be "right" for every student.

    Some students find the interruption distracting and prefer to do all their work at once, with a little playground time at the end. That's one reason you might choose to zero out the timer. Some kids just enjoy the playground games and want to access them during non-school or worksheet-only days.

    I know it's difficult to make a lot of decisions when you first begin, so I will share that I have one student who does not use the timer and one (younger) who works for half an hour and then gets ten minutes of playground time. Remember that you aren't locked in to your decision. If the timer settings aren't working for your child, you can always change them.

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    Hi Rainy!

    I see Kelly gave you really good advice on setting timers and I agree with her.

    I thought you might want to hear from other users possibly in your same situation, so I posted your question on our main Facebook page today. Hopefully you will get lots of responses.

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