HELP! Student Test Access?
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    Default HELP! Student Test Access?

    Day two of Time4Learning, and we are confused. I've set up the Activity Scheduler, and at the top of the printout it states that "if your students launch their activites [sic] using only the Activity Finder/Enter Code field with the LA#s on their launch pad, they WILL NOT be completing any tests, quizzes or worksheets."

    How does my daughter get to the tests, quizzes, and worksheets? Does she not type in the LA#s to get to specific assigned lessons?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Most students log in to their account, click on the subject icon, click on the next "unchecked" chapter icon, click on the next unchecked "lesson" icon, and then click on the next unchecked "lesson activity" icon to get to their lesson activity. By doing it this way, the next unchecked icon is sometimes a quiz or test, so it's easy for them to see when these are coming up. For some reason, the quizzes are not identified by a number that can be typed into the activity finder.

    If your student prefers to type lesson activity numbers into the activity finder, she will need to go find the quiz or test when she sees one appear on her schedule. To do that, she will click on the subject icon, click on the first unchecked chapter icon, and continue clicking on the first unchecked icon until she reaches one that says "quiz" or "test".

    I hope this clarifies the process somewhat.

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