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    My son is taking the High School Courses. I have looked everywhere I can think to look for the Answer Keys to the Authentic Tasks and printable work and cannot find them. I would greatly appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction.
    Thank you

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    Log in to your parent account and click on the Resources icon. Then click on Lesson Plans/Scope and Sequence in the left sidebar. THEN, click on High School, near the bottom of the chart. (Whew. This is all so automatic to me at this point that I didn't realize how many clicks there were until I tried to describe it! )

    Now click on the subject you are working with and, finally, locate the lesson in the chart. If there is an answer key, it will be in the Answer Key column . . . except for tests.

    For tests, a few questions are drawn from a large bank of available questions, and the test will be somewhat different each time it is attempted. You can find the answers to the entire bank of test questions at the top, right of the chart, marked "Chapter Test Answer Key".

    In English, you can find grading guides for any writing assignment by clicking the LA# (lesson activity number) in the far right column of the chart.

    I hope this helps you find all available answer keys and grading guides at the high school level. If not, please let us know and we'll point you in the right direction.
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