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    Default Holiday Scheduling

    Does anyone know how I schedule in holidays, vacations, sick days etc?

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    Hi, Jenn. The ability to add breaks is new to the scheduler this year. Here are step-by-step instructions for using the Activity Scheduler, including adding breaks:

    Log in as a parent. Click on the Student Records tab. Scroll down a bit and select the Activity Scheduler icon. There are help videos at the upper, right side, but they don't include two features that are new this year, so here is how to use the Activity Scheduler, step by step:

    Select the child you are scheduling for.

    Put in your start and end dates (first and last days of school).

    Select all the subjects you want the schedule to cover.

    Select the types of activities you want to include. (Some families don't give tests, some don't schedule worksheets and only use them when extra practice is needed, etc.)

    Click Generate (at the bottom).

    Click Save (at the top).

    Another button at the top will appear that says Manage Breaks. Click that.

    To add a break (vacation, Christmas break, spring break, or something specific to your family), click within the box. That will bring up a calendar. Choose the Sunday that precedes the week you want off. (This scheduler allows you to schedule breaks in increments of one week because it generates a schedule with a week's worth of work at a time.) After choosing the date, click Add Break. Then, you can click within the box and repeat the process to add another week, and another, until you have added all your breaks. Click Close.

    Now you can begin to assign certain lesson activities for certain days. You do this week-by-week. Instead of trying to anticipate the entire school year, I just do it on Saturdays for the upcoming school week. There is a dropdown menu next to each lesson activity where you can select Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. If the scheduler indicates your student needs to do three activities in that subject that week, you might want to schedule them for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, leaving Tuesday and Thursday open for a subject that has more work to complete . . . or always do Language Arts on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Social Studies on Mondays . . . or leave Fridays free
    for catching up . . . or whatever works for your family. You can change this at any time.

    The notes area is for you to type things you want your student to know. Examples from my own family are "See me before beginning this", "You don't need to do the paper doll unless you want to", and "You can find the supplies you'll need for science on the country in the entryway."

    You can change the dates at any time.

    A button to access this schedule will appear when your student logs in. There, your student can check off the work as he or she does it. I like to print a copy of the week's work for myself, too. Some families just have their student check off the work on a printed copy.

    The scheduler does not affect which activities appear for your student. Your student needs to follow the arrow and do just the number of activities that appear on the scheduler. The scheduler shows activities in the exact order that the arrow indicates.

    If you need to make a new scheduler, you can just start the process again, but then you will have two schedules. (I have about fifteen, from playing with this. ) You will need to set the schedule you want to use as your default, so it will be the one that shows up when your student logs in.

    To do this, log in as a parent, select the Account Info and Updates tab, choose the Activity Scheduler icon from below, select the student, and click on Manage, on the right. Here, you can choose which of your saved schedules you want to make the default and which you want to delete altogether. You can also delete schedules you no longer need.

    You can edit saved schedules by clicking on Choose Saved instead of Manage. Your schedules each have an ID number. They are in order in the dropdown box . . . oldest schedule at the top, newest at the bottom.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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