how do I get my name added to odyssey writer so my child can turn in assignments
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    Question how do I get my name added to odyssey writer so my child can turn in assignments

    When my child goes to odyssey writer and clicks on turn in assignment, there is a list of people but I am not on the list. How do I get my name on the list so she can turn in her work to me?

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    Hi. She can choose any of those fictitious "teachers". Clicking Hand In doesn't actually send the assignment to anyone. It just causes it to be marked as Complete and to show up in your student's reports as a link, so you can view and/or print it from the report.

    When you log in as a parent, there are some great videos under "Start Here". One of them is about how to use Odyssey Writer. It will explain the above, as well as a few other tips for using the OW tool. I didn't know about having my kids paste the assignment instructions to their work for the longest time! Having them do that first makes it easier for me to grade their work.

    Oh, and if you are seeing nothing but a blank page when you click on the link to view the completed writing assignment in the reports, look just below the page to the right and click on the number 2. Voila! The assignment will probably be on page two.

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