How to estimate during time ?
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    Question How many weeks in preschool and kindergarten ?

    I have no idea about end time in Kindergarten .

    How many weeks in preschool and kindergarten ?

    Can you please give me a common suggestion about it ?

    or minimum weeks and maximum weeks

    If have other grades of weeks , also please supply to me .

    Thank you so much !
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    Default Re: How to estimate during time ?

    Hi! When homeschooling, the parent decides on a schedule. Many parents decide to follow a traditional public school schedule of 36 weeks or 180 days, with a week off in the spring, a couple of weeks off during the winter, and all summer off. If your child has friends who are in public school, this is sometimes convenient, so they have the same days off as their friends.

    On the other hand, you might prefer a completely different schedule to accommodate your family's needs or personality. You can school throughout the summer, take all of December off for the holidays, school one-month-on-one-month-off, do school after the parents get home from work in the evening, take any days of the week off that you choose, or, if you have an erratic work shedule, you might choose to just fit school in whenever you find time.

    Most parents find that homeschool does not take as long as traditional school. Here is an article called How Long is a Homeschool Day?

    I hope this helps you work out a great schedule for your family!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Thumbs up Re: How to estimate during time ?

    Thank you so much !

    It's really helpful info.

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