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    I am new to homeschooling and I have set a start and finish date but what do I do if my homeschooler is getting too far ahead? I supplement other worksheets and library activities to help fill the time but he is flying thru this curriculum. He is currently in 2nd grade, so if he finishes and passes early, can I just move him on?

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    You can move him on whenever you feel he is ready. That isn't always a good idea, though. Children usually retain what they are learning better when it's presented in smaller daily chunks, instead of all at once. They benefit from the built-in review that way, too. I know it seems odd to limit school work, but I did limit my own kids with Time4Learning when they were younger.

    Here is an example. Think about memorizing a poem. You could read it five times on Monday and then try to recite it from memory on Friday. You probably couldn't. If, however, you read it each day all week, you would most likely be able to recite it (or at least portions of it) by Friday.

    Second graders will spend very little time on formal education. The rest of the time should be filled with sandbox play, Legos, cooking, free reading, arts and crafts, music practice, active outdoor play, and so forth. (If you think about a second grade classroom, you will usually find a Lego area and a dress-up corner. These are great activities for younger kids. )

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