How to show required assignments?
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    Default How to show required assignments?

    Hi all, new - obviously!

    I see questions about the calculator/scheduler, but I'm not finding my answer. I have set up my son's schedule (3rd grade) and set the day for assignments this week. We went on to his, and I guess I made the assumption that if he went in to the lessons, chose a subject and then a lesson, that it would be the lesson I assigned (we, I'm guessing, are starting at the beginning of 3rd). However, now I'm not confident that's the case!

    We watched the little intro video and there was a button at the top to click and then a circle in the middle that said something like "go to my lessons". We don't have that, just a button at the top for activity planner, which gives him the list, but not a link to click to do that. The button we DID click to do a lesson was described in the video as the button to use if you want to go to a specific lesson.

    Any help?

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    Hi, Amy. Your student will always have access to all the lessons. Setting up an activity plan simply adds the plan as a to-do list beneath a tab when he logs in. He can consult the list to see what he needs to do and input the lesson activity number into the Activity Finder. (It's the little magnifying glass icon at the lower right when he is logged in to his account.) That will bring up the lesson he needs. After he does it, he can go back to the plan, check it off as completed and find another lesson activity number to put in the Activity Finder. (Or, the computer will check off all completed work for him each day at 1:00 AM.)

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