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    Question How to Use Playground

    I searched, but couldn't quite find an answer on this.

    My daughter has done over two hours of work, and yesterday I noticed that the Playground link was available. So we clicked on it, saw the little intro, etc.
    But then on the big map, when we tried to click on one of the links to go to games or whatever, it didn't do anything. I tried all of the links to no avail, then exited.

    Next time we logged in, Playground was disabled and when I clicked on it (or toggled over it), it said she had some lessons to do.

    It was set up for 15 minute minimum lesson time=15 minute maximum playground time. I guess that's the default. I changed from 15 minute playground time to 30 minutes. Although she's enjoying the lessons themselves enough. Still, I would like her to be able to do the Playground games if she wants to.

    I'm trying to find something on the site that might explain or show how the Playground area works. I figure there has to be some kind of tutorial out there. Can anyone help?


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    The way you have it set up now, she should be able to use the playground for thirty minutes after she has done lessons for fifteen minutes. (Most parents tell their student to finish the lesson they are working on before accessing the playground. Their playground time won't begin to count down until they have actually clicked on and started to use the playground.)

    What browser are you using?

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