Through third grade, Time4Learning teaches spelling as an integrated part of the language arts program. Both phonics lessons AND "sight words" are included in the reading lessons. Good readers are usually good spellers! There are three resources for families who desire more formal spelling study.

Spelling Lessons Within the Time4Learning Curriculum
At the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade levels, designated spelling lessons are available within the language arts extensions. Each grade level offers thirty weeks' worth of spelling activities. While your student may be accustomed to completing a Time4Learning lesson activity in one sitting, the spelling lessons are designed to take a week to finish. You can use the Activity Finder to easily access each spelling lesson.
Your child will do one or two "pages" of the same spelling activity (list) each day throughout the week. The first page is a pretest. Subsequent pages offer activities designed to practice spelling each word. The final page is the spelling test. Although your student will be given a score for this test, the score will not appear in his or her reports. These weekly test scores are for your student's information.

Every third week, your student will take a cumulative test over all the words in the preceding three spelling lessons. These scores will appear in your student's reports. Note also that, if you use the Activity Planner to create a plan for your student, it will be somewhat "off" . . . since the planner, too, assumes your student will be completing a spelling unit in one day! It is best to de-select the spelling lessons when creating your plan, and simply remember to access that week's spelling lesson each day using the Activity Finder.

Lesson Activity Numbers for spelling lessons can be found by logging in to your parent account and accessing the lesson plans/scope and sequence. Spelling lessons are located within the language arts extensions:

Fourth Grade - Chapter Two
Fifth Grade - Chapter Six
Sixth Grade - Chapter Nine

Spelling City
Many families use the free Spelling City site to provide their students with extra game-style study or a weekly spelling test over the in-lesson lists described above. Here is where you can find all of the Time4Learning spelling lists on Spelling City. Students can use these lists to play games with their spelling words. If you choose to have your student take a weekly spelling test at Spelling City, the results are printable (either in report or certificate form). If you choose a premium membership, the program will keep track of your student's activity and test scores online, and there are extra games for premium members.

Supplemental Spelling Lists

Supplemental spelling lists are also available within your parent login account. These are completely separate from the spelling lessons and in-lesson lists found within the language arts extensions. You can find the supplemental spelling lists by logging in to your parent account, clicking on the Resources icon, and then looking in the left sidebar for the Spelling Lists option. Use the supplemental lists:

~if you want to start formal spelling lessons earlier than fourth grade
~if you don't want to use the spelling lessons included with the Time4Learning program in fourth through sixth grades
~on Spelling City or
~to design your own spelling program