I need help determining hours a day my child should get.
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    Wink I need help determining hours a day my child should get.

    Hi, we live in Montana and the required amount of hours my child needs 1,080, how many hours a day is recommended that she does? And is she able to do these hours anytime during the day, including weekends? Thank you for your help.

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    Hi! Parents who live in the few states that require a certain number of hours of education per day usually keep a log of all educational activities, as well as printing the Time4Learning reports that show how many hours of online activities a student does. Your states requires the equivalent of six hours of study per day, and no student should sit in front of a computer that long.

    Ideas for things to "count" as educational hours are Scouting and church activities, volunteer or paid work, music lessons, organized sports, learning to cook or sew at home, arts and crafts, etc. This is not cheating. They are legitimate educational activities, and very similar to things a student might also do in public school. (I remember receiving high school credit for being a "library aide", helping to shelve books. There is also "study hall", assemblies, roll call, and free reading while waiting for the end of a designated class period to go on to the next subject to take up time in a traditional educational setting.) My friend's son is in apublic school class where the teacher frequently puts on a DVD that has to do with what they are studying. This is okay, too.

    You might also want to read How Long is a Homeschool Day?

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