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    Default Keyboarding for first time user

    My grandson is only 6 but reading at very advanced levels. He loves games, and I see a LOT of free keyboarding games on Time4Learning. We want to help him get a good head start on touch-typing. How do I decide which keyboarding games are best to start out on?

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    I found when my daughter was your grandson's age that letting her play and have the freedom to choose which she wanted to try really boosted her self-esteem. She was able to control, and she learned a lot just by trying different things instead of me assigning them. We tend to bump heads anyway and so telling her to go play a keyboarding game and letting her choose, got us a lot farther along than telling her to go do a certain game for 15 minutes.

    The other place that you can find some fun keyboarding games is at Learning Games for Kids, this is the link for the keyboarding games, but there are a lot of other fun games over there in other subjects. It is a very kid friendly site, and completely safe! My daughter's favorite keyboarding game over there is the Typing Adventure I and II, my favorite is QWERTY Warriors, but it is really intense for the younger kids!!
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