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    My Child has been doing language ext, but when I go to the recent activity or grading, nothing is showing up for daily or weekly completion to give her a grade or to show the duration of time spent there. However her account is showing a check for complete and when I print out her next weeks assignments it is showing completed. Why wont it give her a grade on any of her completes activities? and/or show me how long she worked on those assignments? Thanks for any Replys.

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    Recent Activity is intended to show all program access, whether completed or not. It retains it for a maximum of thirty days.

    Look right above that and you will see three tabs: Recent Activity, Assignments (only used by schools), and Reports. Click on the Reports tab.

    Now you can generate a report that shows only completed work. Some activities are teaching activities, and they will have a N/A where the percentage score would go. They are not scored. Compare them to a teacher, standing in front of the class and explaining how to do something. Students aren't graded on that, even if she asks a few questions along the way to assess understanding.

    There are also practice activities (sometimes scored) and assessment activities (quizzes and tests, always scored).

    You should see the duration of each activity, too. If you want a more detailed "attendance" report, select that option from the left sidebar when generating your report (instead of selecting a score report).

    If your state requires a certain number of days or hours, remember that no child should be sitting in front of a computer for an entire school day. You legitimately count things like active play (P.E.), arts and crafts, Scouts, 4H, worksheets, educational games or movies, field trips (grocery store to calculate prices), and casual parental instruction in things like cooking or auto mechanics.

    I hope this helps!

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