Maybe I'm not finding it... help!
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    Unhappy Maybe I'm not finding it... help!

    Ive searched the forums to the best of my knowledge and I am not finding the answer I am looking for.
    I know with some activities, there will be a resources button under so that i can print a page out.

    Here is where i am confused. so For kindergarten math. chapter adventures under the sea, when on my side of the log in, it tells me "Teacher's printables 1" and under that it states worksheet. in which i am able to assign a day to. Here is the kicker..... WHERE in the world do i find the printable worksheet for that?! Nothing shows up on my sons side of the log in for adventures under the sea. Ive looked in all chapters of that segment. Am I missing something?


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    Default Re: Maybe I'm not finding it... help!

    Hi, and welcome! Don't worry! You'll be finding your way around in no time.

    Some of the lower grade subjects include optional extra educational activities. These are not the worksheets that are integrated within the program. Pick and choose parts of these packets to use if you are looking for extra work for your child.

    The packets begin with instructions. The worksheets are part of the packet. They are usually in the last few pages of the packet. Scroll clear through when you look at one of these to locate the worksheets.

    I hope this helps! Again, these are optional activities. Remember that a kindergartner shouldn't be doing formal school for more than about an hour a day. Here is a great article called How Long is a Homeschool Day?

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