Mid Year Help......Again :/
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Thread: Mid Year Help......Again :/

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    Question Mid Year Help......Again :/

    Hey peeps
    So, there are about two more months of school for my daughter to complete her Freshman year. Obviously the curriculum shows the entire years work. How do I know what to assign her to finish out the year? Its hard to pick and choose. And I have no idea what she has already 'learned'.
    And if what if she has really done crappy before homeschool and DIDN'T learn what she should have in school? I don't want her to repeat 9th grade. She repeated kindergarten so is already a year behind her age group. What would you do? I don't want to assign her 10 hours a day of school lol. I'm just really struggling.
    And if WERE to pick and choose assignments...... how long is an assignment? Would you assign a certain amount of time or certain number of lessons?
    Please help me. If I sound desperate or like I don't know what I'm doing, you are right.
    Wanna get on track,

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    Hi, Shannon. You can consider your daughter "in tenth grade", even if she is doing some lower level work. These days, students are typically considered "in" the grade that corresponds to their age.

    Does your daughter know the basics? That is, can she read and comprehend at at least a sixth grade level? Can she do multi-digit addition and subtraction, long division, work with fractions, and work with decimals well enough to understand our money system. Has she memorized the multiplication facts through the 12s?

    I would stop all math until she knows basic math. With two of my kids, we have done nothing but memorize times tables for a few weeks. It was time well spent, as they were then able to proceed more quickly with their regular math lessons. If you have to stop and figure out what 4x6 is, more advanced math is grueling . . . or impossible.

    Once you think you have the basics mastered, then you can tackle the high school level stuff. It might feel like stopping to master the basic things is slowing you down, but it will pay off in the end with better understanding of the higher level work.

    When you do tackle the high school courses, you might think about having her do each chapter test first. If she does well on the test, she does not have to do the lessons in that chapter. If she does not do well on the test, she does the lessons and tries the test again.

    You can award credit your own way in "your" homeschool high school. It's common to award a student a credit if they can pass all the tests in a level, even if they didn't do all the lessons.

    The best place to learn about homeschooling high school is Let's Homeschool High School.com . You can get loads of helpful advice and encouragement there!
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    Kelly, I agree with you on learning the math basics. I had all my children (even my 12th grader) work their way through all the math on Khan Academy. I started working on it too. It became a competition to fill in the grid. Let me tell you, I barely made it through the K-3 portion! Shapes (rhombus, etc) really trip me up. I noticed better understanding of their grade level material as they were doing this.

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