New and confused about everything. help!
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Thread: New and confused about everything. help!

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    Default New and confused about everything. help!

    Ok so a little about my specific situation before I get started. I am a single mother of an 8 year old girl. I also am working and going to school. After my school district re-did our entire school system this year, our public school option is no longer safe. Thankfully I work as a nanny and the family I work for is ok with me bringing my daughter (I have worked for them for nearly 7 years). Needless to say, I do not have much time to eyeball everything my daughter does for schooling and I definitely don't have time to be her "teacher" and sit with her for hours upon hours everyday (I wish!). She is very self sufficient and learns great on the computer. Now for the issues I am facing..

    We started last week just doing a couple assignments here and there. Today we started official work. I used the activity planner thing and I showed her how to check off her completed work. It is only showing one assignment for most subjects per day. She blew through all of the work for "today" in just one hour. How long are your students on T4L per day?? I have read that 4 hours is the minimum they should be working on school stuff per day. I don't know if T4L is worth the money if she is only going to be on for an hour per day. Maybe I am doing something wrong? (I set the calendar from here until beginning of June) How/what are you supplementing with?

    Also, when I look at her progress it shows what she completed but says N/A for score. How do I know how she is even doing and not just throwing any random answers out there? I have more questions, but can't remember exactly what. When I do I will post them as well. Any help will do, thank you!!

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    Hi, and welcome aboard!

    The N/A means that activity isn't graded. It's intended to teach . . . not to assess. Compare it to a teacher, standing at the front of the classroom, explaining a concept and calling on the student to answer questions periodically. There isn't any way to grade that type of activity. Graded activities follow, to determine what the student has learned from the non-graded activities.

    An eight-year-old should never spend four hours sitting at a computer, doing online lessons. Our high school students plan to spend about that amount of time. Homeschooling is much more time efficient than traditional school, because a student can move on to the next subject without needing to wait until the end of a designated class period and because there isn't time taken for roll call, assemblies, and what I call "crowd management".

    A lot of other activities "count" when you are homeschooling. Scouts, music lessons, organized sports, free play art projects, helping to cook dinner . . . these are all very educational and make up part of a homeschooler's curriculum, even in the states that dictate schooling must last a certain number of hours per day.

    When my children were in second grade, their online work lasted about an hour. I also required them to write each day in a journal, do a penmanship page, and read for an hour. During "school hours", they weren't allowed TV, video games, or computer games, but they could play in the sandbox or on the swings/slide, do art project like paint or clay, do any imaginative play like playing house or dolls or fire engine, build with Legos, etc. After 3:00 pm, they could do pretty much anything they wanted, and I didn't restrict TV, computer or video time at all except for during school hours. This worked well for us. Nothing will work for every family, but it sometimes helps to know what others do.

    You aren't doing anything wrong.

    Here is an article you might enjoy: How Long is a Homeschool Day?
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    Great info above. I would also question whether she's actually learning the data or does she already know it. If she already know's it, maybe you change her grade level for some of the classes. Just a thought.

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