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    I went into my child's lesson to see how it looked and it took a long time to load so I went to the transcript. If they do this will they be counted finished for that section or do they have to watch for the stars to show completed. Also what do I need to do if they take a week off or time off during the scheduled time does that effect the program. We are going to follow the semester system so they can get more done. Thinking about doing the main subjects in the first part of the year and the fun electives at the end. Just a thought. One child will be doing jump start program at community college so I would like to break up my four courses over the two semesters can we do that.
    Thanks for your help

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    The assignments are completed when the star is turning in a circle. As for taking breaks and doing certain subjects at certain times, you are able to work at your own pace and taking a break does not mess up the program. When you return from break the assignments would pick up where they were left off. Hope this helps!

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