New here, Where to begin?
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    Default New here, Where to begin?

    Hello friends. I am not new to homeschooling, that's all we've ever done and my oldest is 17. But we are trying out T4L during a trial, and I feel so overwhelmed. It seems very complicated to me and although I have used the activity scheduler, it's hard to know if I'm getting the best experience. Really wanted to do all we could during this month so we could make a good decision about whether or not to continue using this in the fall. Any suggestions to simplify things?

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    Hi! Since you are only wanting to work for a month before finishing up the school year, I think I'd start by looking over the lesson plans/scope and sequence. It's at the top of the left sidebar after you log in to your parent account and click on View My Tools.

    Decide how many days you have left in your school year. I'll assume there are about twenty school days remaining for you. Click on the number of activities in a subject. Choose a chapter in that subject that you want your student to work on (since there is probably not time for much more than a chapter before summer). Note the very first lesson activity number and the very last activity number in the chapter. Do this for each subject.

    Now generate a schedule using the Activity Scheduler's "Choose a Specific Set of Activities" option instead of "Include All Available Materials". Be sure you have viewed the how-to videos and additional info on the Activity Scheduler, so you know to save it and make it your student's default. Actually, I have found it easier to save my kids' schedules as a pdf and print them, for them to check off with a pencil.

    I hope this gives you a place to start. There is a learning curve with any new curriculum. Once you are set up, it's easy!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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