New to program...activity planner questions.
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    Default New to program...activity planner questions.

    I am new to Time 4 Learning and am trying to set up school plans but what I want to do doesn't seem possible.

    If I use the activity planner, it wants to give a whole year of lessons. I have gone through each subject to see what we need to do vs. what we can skip, but there is no way that I can see to skip areas and have the activity planner follow this. Am I missing something? The best option I can see is to print out the activities and have my daughter enter the codes for each one, but that doesn't really help with weekly planning.

    Any suggestions are helpful.



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    Hi, Rondi. Time4Learning is designed to be used in the sequence presented, so most of the tools function best when it's used that way. You are free to skip lessons or work out of sequence, but much of that planning will need to be done manually, using resources like the lesson plans /scope and sequence found in your parent login, along with the Activity Finder.

    When skipping lessons, I print the lesson plans and highlight all the activities I want my student to do. Then, I count them and divide by the number of days left in the school year. That helps me decide how many she should do each day. I usually follow the recommended order, even if I skip some, so she can work directly from my printout by typing the lesson activity numbers in the Activity Finder when she's ready to do a lesson.

    I hope others come along and share their planning tips. When we first started, I loved reading about how others managed the planning and so forth.

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    I just wanted to add that I have tried planning in advance and it just doesn't work for us. My daughter sometimes knows nothing about a topic and might have to go through some things twice. Other times she already knows the knowledge from some other resource and asked to skip things she already knows and go straight to the quiz or chapter test. Since we never know until she gets to it whether it is something to skip, planning ahead seems to be a waste of my time and a frustration for me.

    We do follow things in order sequentially, especially math. One year I let her pick and choose the order she wanted to do math in, and we ended up really messed up for that semester because she was expected to have knowledge from previous chapters that she didn't have, and we kept having to back up until she got to a place she knew. It was a very frustrating attempt to give her the freedom to pick and choose, and a failed experiment!!

    Since we are going to do it in order, whether she skips lessons or has to repeat, I just look at things the night before, or in the morning before she gets started and decide what we need to do for the day. This gives me the freedom to change plans if she figures out in the middle of the day that she can take a quiz and go on. Sometimes I even have to say let me look at T4L while you do something else (read, practice piano, etc) and adjust during the day. The flexibility to adapt on the fly is one of the greatest advantages to homeschooling, IMHO

    The scheduler really works for people who are going to have their children do every exercise/quiz/chapter test no matter what. It doesn't work so well for students who might be able to skip some lessons, or for those who need to repeat lessons a couple of times!!
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